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GFP's Production Technology

The Definition of the most effective production and the necessary technology we set according to the requirements in quality, quantity and delivery time of our customer. It is absolutely not possible to set without exact details about the character of the requested item, the necessary pre-conditions in material, color, shape, quantity and delivery time the most successful choice of production.  In respect of the chosen country, factory, facility and kind of production technology we work out a pre-selection with our customer. 

GFP is able to draw up a rush forecast for costs, time and quality. This is a real helpful tool for many customers coming in this business by the side. This service is normally free of charge and done in the very first phase of business. All companies need to safe time and money! More than 20 factories in 8 countries work for GFP continuously. This structure ensure a bright range of items and the best choice of technology for our customer. We can provide cheap Chinese Stoneware from Zibo as well the most highest and thin Quality from France, Germany or England.

Due to the worldwide competition the most powerful items from GFP are coming from China, the country who founded Porcelain (Chinaware) more than 4.600 years ago. The classical handmade items are in a useful quality and very strong in price. In detail we provide - from down to up - the following kinds of technology in making Porcelain

- Handmade pottery
- Casting
- Single rolling
- Pressing
- High pressure
- Automatic Casting
- Jiggering
- Isostatic pressing

Means, GFP has available all kinds of making Porcelain! Cups, mugs, Dinner Sets as well as many exotic items e.g. for the Jewelry Industry (small coins of Porcelain), for the Confectionary Industry (small bells in Porcelain), for the Furniture Industry (small knobs) and many other.

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