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Be accompanied by GFP's experience

Very easy to come to China and to attend the major exhibitions for Export business in this industry. Guangzhou offer you two times per year more than 10.000 exhibitors in Table and Dinnerware, Porcelain, Stoneware and other Earthern materials. But there is no surety about the real production and trustful partnership. Most of the Exhibitors are Trading Companies and feign the possession of beiing a factory. Visitors not really experienced in this business are highly recomended to safeguard theier intention of business.

Established with the experience of more than 50 years we provide a bright range of goods, service and support. Asians real power in manufacturing we combine with the strong objects of German Quality, Design and Settlement. GFP is made for any kind of relationship and service in this Industry. Less than 40% of the cnf-import costs in Europe, Russia or America in porcelain and stoneware items are based on the fundamental production. Packing, transportation, handling charges,  shipping costs, duties, antidumping supplements and last but not least the audits and administration takes a high influence on the prices.

GFP is specialized into the full service order realization between 5 and 100 tons. Starting by planning and development we follow and accompany each enterprise until the goods arrived safety the warehouse of our customer.  All stages of order processing are carried out by your company  under a strong and transparent German management. Fair trade, safety business for both sides of business and the total partner care by respecting all local conditions. GFP is making the business in porcelain easy and safety but never expensive!

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