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Integrity and Retention of Information's

makes it safety for all parties to keep all incoming information accurate, complete and really very confidential. We take care about the Privacy Policy of each our customer and respect the the law of the European Union!

GFP will never forward or duplicate any secrets, inquiries, papers or documents without the official permission of our customer. Before we open any inquiries or preparations to factories or any other third party we'll ensure to have the power of attorney to follow with all necessary decision-relevant actions. Since more than 50 years we continue this reserve.

Catalogues, broshures or leaflets like the one on you can see on this website (*) is a hard violation against our general philosophie.

Secret is one of GFP's naturalness! This is the reason why we did not broadcast any kind of reference lists, brand names of our OEM realisation or something else.

GPF takes care by 100% the discretion of our customers!

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(*) Thank's to "Big Arrow Company" from ChaoZhou for getting the permission to use their leaflet on our webpage.