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The Customer Care of GFP Hongkong

GFP provide factories in different Countries of Asia. GFP customers are using the power of a big community! This ensure the opportunity to respond to each requirements for price and quality much faster and better.

The continuous insight into the factories ensure a content overview of the production. Each of GFP's factory partner is personally known and is continuously visited by or own employs. Our customers can be sure to obtain the desired quality.GFP know the character and the facilities of our factory partners exactly and we are able to fix in advance whether a product can be realized under the respect of customer requirements. This saves a lot of time and money and the business is running much faster.

More than 60% of all customer inquiries we can satisfy with existing items of our factory partner. Our database include more than 30.000 items in Porcelain, Stoneware, Earthenware, Table- and Dinnerware, Household and Kitchen items in Ceramic. This saves development, molding costs and many time.Financial trust!

GFP controls the timing of production time and adjust the payment rhythm according to the order progress. Each payment step will reported to the customer. Comfortable and safety money transfer to our bank in Hong Kong or Germany.No need to buy clean loaded container (29 or 57 qbm). GFP is able to provide also a single pallet shipping to each country in Europe. (This offer is valid only for stock items of the regular collections of our factory partner).

Easy handling and administration! Most of our office employees are educated in Germany and provide the highest level of teamwork. GPF works with Dropbox, MS-Onedrive and iCloud. Our customers get all documents, reports, photos and papers digital an in real time. Important orders were observed directly by IP-Cams in the factories. We take care of all work on inbound traffic.

GFP Customers can receive their goods completely and properly customs cleared and opened for trade under the law of WTO. (This offer is only valid for EU-Countries).GFP is not expensive! Depending on our performance levels we require a commission between 5% and 15% of the factory fob price. Converted all savings and service the purchase via GFP is not more expensive than a direct purchase. For orders up to 5 Container per item (~ 150 qbm/~ 150.000 pcs.) we'll open a cheaper commission quotation.

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